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Kent Children's University - Pilot Project in North and West Kent

Posted on by Judy Molyneux

During the last year our North and West Kent localities have been involved in a pilot project with Kent Children’s University.

A2018On 28th June a Graduation Event was held at The University of Greenwich (Medway Campus in Chatham) for children who had a achieved more than 65 Learning Credits. Learning Credits are collected at various accredited destinations in the County, working with a Beanstalk volunteer or attending VSK Participation Days, OCYPCC and Super Council events.

One young person who attended the event said:

I really enjoy being part of Kent Children University because I like visiting places and learning things that I don’t learn in school and filling my Passport with credits to show where I’ve been and what I’ve done. The best part of the graduation night was getting an Award and throwing the mortar board up in the air! I also got a KCU teddy and I called it Unifuzz!>

Her foster carer commented:

We had a fantastic evening at the KCU Graduation. Thank you for a lovely event, it was a real treat. It was a great experience. She had lots of fun and I believe it gave her a better understanding of what the word “University” means and to have a reward for all the work that she has done for the last year.>

We are pleased to report that we will be continuing this project in North and West Kent in the new academic year. If you would like more information please contact Jenny Finch or visit the Kent Children’s University website.