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Realising the potential of Children in Care

How to increase the educational outcomes of children with a social worker

Posted on by Judy Molyneux

Facilitated by Lived Experience Leader, Karylle Phillips on 23 Feb at 3.30pm. This session will focus on the factors surrounding educational outcomes and will explore some of the strategies that can increase engagement in education and support in narrowing the attainment gap.

It is well reported that poor educational outcomes for children in care and those with a social worker can have a negative impact on their lives. Whether it’s social inclusion and mobility, access to work-based opportunities or a successful transition into adulthood – educational achievement has a huge role to play in a young person’s life.

This course will explore the key educational obstacles experienced by children with a social worker. By using a social harms perspective, we will explore the relationship between educational outcomes, crime, emotional well-being and employment. Most importantly we will help you support young people to overcome these challenges and increase their engagement and attainment in education.

Participants will:

  • Identify the conflicts that exist for children with a social worker in education

  • Develop an understanding of social harms and how they impact care experienced learners

  • Examine the links between the word ‘gap’ and the attainment for children in care

  • Recognise how to create positive engagement for care experienced learners

  • Learn techniques to improve young peoples abilities to learn

  • Recognise the realities of leaving care and your role in supporting care leavers

Spaces are limited so please sign up now if you are interested in attending.