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LILAC Assessment

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LILAC Mark The Leading Improvements for Looked After Children (LILAC) Assessment has been developed by a National Voice as a way of involving young people with experience of the care system to carry out an assessment of how well services delivered by the local authority are enabling children in care and care leavers to participate; both at an individual level, and in the development of policies and services that support them.

We were first assessed in October 2014 when we were awarded four out of seven petals and in October 2015 we are very proud to have improved and receive six petals.

The standards achieved are:

  • Shared Values
  • Style of Leadership
  • Structures
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Care Planning and Review
  • Complaints and Advocacy

Extract from the report: Overall, we were impressed with the progress made in the last year to implement the recommendations in our previous report. We found a strong commitment at all levels of management and staff to genuinely listen to and respond to the views of young people. In particular, at Director and Elected Member level there is an understanding of the need to design services based on what young people say they need and a clear message that services should be young people friendly. The recommendations in the original LILAC Report were reported to young people though the OCYOC newsletters and to Members through the Corporate Parenting Panel. Young People were able to comment and make suggestions at meetings of the OCYPC and other events and there has been a serious strategic response to the report.

For more information about LILAC please visit their website.