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LEARNTIT!In partnership with Pearson Publishing we are now able to offer an exciting and effective way to improve learning inside and outside of school. Our new LEARNIT! app gives access to a library of interactive learning resources that can be accessed at any time and are designed to develop skills and build confidence in school subjects.

  • The resources complement children’s work at school or with an external tutor and can contribute to test and exam preparation.
  • LEARNIT! can used on Android and Apple mobile phones and tablets as well as on the web, encouraging use outside the classroom. Once downloaded resources run completely offline, so no one has to worry about having a network connection when they want to learn.
  • The system tracks learner progress, performance and self-evaluation for each individual, helping make effective interventions easier.

“Brilliant app! It has everything I need for revision The videos are great too:) A must have for any GCSE maths student like myself!”

How it works

Learn - with video’s, lessons, stories and examples

Practice - with quizzes, activities and challenges

Assess - measure progress and performance at the end of every unit. How did you do?

Getting Started

  • First you will need a unique login - if you don’t have one please speak to your VSK Assistant Head or email us at

  • To access from a laptop click here or for mobile devices visit the Google Play or Apple App stores and download LEARNIT!

  • Once you are logged in download the resource/s you wish to use. Once they are downloaded everything works offline.

Further Information

Full catalogue of resources (October 2016)